We deliver within a 1 mile of Cafelamejor’s for free with a $10 min. order, otherwise, it’s a $1.50 surcharge.

We’ll also deliver within 1-5 miles. $1.50 surcharge. Don’t complain…  our sandwiches are still fresher and cheaper than S*bway with the surcharge added in gas ain’t cheap! $10.00 minimum order.

Click here: DISTANCE TO YOUR PLACE,  THEN CALL  664-8888 or Fax orders to 664-1807

Iced Smoothies (one size 16oz): $3.00 (see below)

The “Brammer Blaster” smoothie is a nonfat fruit smoothie that fuses the flavor of nature with science.

Delightfully blended with green tea and real fruit or juice, there are no artificial sweeteners and no high fructose corn syrup found here, and every 16 oz. smoothie contains 150% of your daily Vitamin C!

Tazo Teas (iced/hot in various flavors): $1.89

Hot Chocolate: $1.89

Coffee (Hot or Iced Gourmet) Med $1.50, Lg $1.75

Fountain sodas/drinks: Sm $1.50 Lg $1.75 (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew, Sierra Mist, Iced Tea – freshly brewed every day)

Aquafina (bottled): $1.00


  • Succulent Sandwich: $3.99 (create your own below)
  • Fresh Soup of the Day: $2.89 (Mon: Thai Fire & Rice, Tues: Tomato Florentine, Wed: Broc Cheese, Thurs: Mexican Chicken
  • Tortilla, Fri: Clam Chowder, Sat: varies)
  • Fresh Garden Salad: $3.29
  • Macaroni Salad (yummy!): $2.89
  • Healthy French Fries: $1.99 (no trans fat!)
  • Fresh baked cookies: 2 for $1.00
  • Muffins: $1.50
  • Create your own, select your favorite toppings!
  • JUST ADDED: Pizazz Peach, Pomegranate/Blueberry

You can mix and match… popular mixes are RASBERRY/LEMONADE, BANANA STRAWBERRY, BANANA ORANGE. The fruit smoothies are very healthy… a green tea base w/ essential vitamins.
Need to fill your ice chest for that special occasion? Bring it in and we’ll fill it to the tippy top for $5. Coffin style ice chests $7.

Coffee Beans to Go!

Cuppa Joe Sumatra – $10.99/lb or 4oz sampler for $2.99. Call to place an order.

Bolivian Joe – available w/ 24-hour notice.

Ranked 22nd in this year’s world cupping competition. City roast.

Unique flavor. $10.99/lb or 4oz sampler for $2.99.
Cuppa Joe Italian Roast – premium fresh roasted Italian coffee.

This isn’t your typical grocery store/truck stop coffee folks.

These are premium hand-selected beans dark roasted to perfection. $10.99/lb or 4oz sampler for $2.99.